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Agnieszka Różańska - "Blady Nico" - recital "Pozytywka"/ recital "Music Box"

Agnieszka Różańska only pl 

Recital Agnieszki Różańskiej 25 czerwca 2012 r. "Pod Pretekstem". / Agnes Rozanska Recital June 25, 2012, the "Under the pretext".
"Blady Nico" 
muzyka / music: M .Ivain 
słowa / lyrics: S.Ratold
Wykonanie / there are: 
Agnieszka Różańska-Wokal/ vocal 
Jacek Skowronski- Piano / piano 
Jarosław Buczkowski- Akordeon / accordion 
Wojciech Sablik- Skrzypce / violin

Pale Niko - Lyrics (by Google translator)

All my happiness and all my world-Pale Niko
It was the first, which possessed the love of my flower-pale Niko
among the gloomy night I dreamed about him crying and blubbering
although he is not rich than beautiful, but what I love him
This thug beats me, I'm at the bottom
take my money, drinks nights, days.
But I've got it in their right mind, I'm in his blood
when he approaches every nerve in my body trembles
just look at me now I open my roses paragraph
I got it after him in his right mind, I'm in his blood
He even mean bad man, and push the knife so I lack the strength shed tears
such a fate fate my dog that I have it in their blood boiling
folly for me to leave him even though it manage people
after all he told me is more expensive than life forces so no, good people
after all, every woman is able to do all the love
So no it is it I'm not worthy of your mercy, a little
still curse "probably szczezł" spare no tears,
but shouts, "although" and I go with him like a faithful dog
Because I still have it in their right mind, I'm in his blood
he who does not feel that laughs and mocks
but he does not know what is love bloody baptism
I tell you that I have it in their blood boiling
So let each of the girls shaking that it never possessed the dreams
breasts poisoned tip lies when he who is in his blood

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