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"Rota"-Stanisław Ratold-Zadarnowski (jedno z najstarszych nagrań)

Stanisław Ratold Zadarnowski [źródło]

"Rota"-Stanisław Ratold-Zadarnowski (jedno z najstarszych nagrań) [źródło: YouTube]


Two Polish patriotic songs - White Rose. .Ratold Zadarnowski - Militar solist. Disc- SIRENA REC. ca.1916 Eug. Mossakowski - Warsaw opera solist. Disc PARLOPHONE ca.1920


Stanisław Ratold - cabaret singer and entertainer, songwriter. By his younger colleague, Mieczysław Foog, regarded later as the first Polish pop-singer after the WW I.
He appeared on the scene in 1915 and quickly gained acceptance of the audience. Recorded songs which were most popular and most needed in Poland after regaining independence in 1918 - traditional, military and regional numbers, romances as well as cabaret songs.
Since 1917, he performed in a cabaret "Black Cat", then in the years 1918-1921 in "Mirage". In 1920, he played guest roles in cabaret theaters of the capital city. In 1921 he played consecutively in theaters of Warsaw: "Qui Pro Quo", "Stanczyk", "Olympia", "Eldorado".
He wrote lyrics for the songs which he was singing and he performed also as a lead announcer. Sometimes appeared as Stanislaw Sulima-Zadarnowski.
Died tragically in Warsaw, 1926, in mysterious circumstances - drowned in the Vistula river.
As we can hear from his (ca) 1922 acoustic recording, Stanisław Ratold possessed bright and strong voice with a vibrant, intensive color and was a performer of an appreciable skill.

In the video, there is presented a first half of his "Tango du reve" recording which is joined with a 1926 instrumental German version of that number. Musical keys of these too recordings allowed for this experiment to be performed smoothly, not only from the technical point of view. 

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